Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Opinion on Coty Acquiring OPI

I'm almost positive that all of you have heard about Coty acquiring OPI and there is a lot of controversy.
I am not going to put the whole official statement here but if you haven't read it yet it's HERE. This is just my personal opinion about the matter and I would absolutely love to hear you voice yours in the comments.

Obviously OPI is a popular brand, but I only have one of their polishes. Where I live in Canada, one bottle costs around 18 dollars, and I am not willing to spend that much money. The bottle I do have (which is called Holy Pink Pagoda) wasn't even purchased by me. Before I heard about the Coty deal, I was planning on purchasing two of the Katy Perry polishes when they are released, but now I am not so sure. I am mostly against animal testing, because I love animals and don't like the idea of them being hurt just so we can be beautiful.  But from what I have read, it is still unconfirmed whether or not Coty still tests on animals. The statistics that many are making reference to are somewhat outdated. I am still undecided on if I will purchase OPI products in the future, but if I get any new information, I'll let you know.

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