Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Celebration Nail Art

So recently I entered Zombie Claws' celebration mani contest and I thought I'd post my entry here, now that her post is up. What you are about to see isn't the best mani and I will admit that. The reason being is that it was done at around 11 p.m., I hadn't eaten since lunchtime so I was shaky, and I was in a bad mood because my hairstylist took 5 hours to do 7 foils.

Anyways, the link to her post is HERE. I would like you all to vote for whoever you believe did the best job. I don't like it when people bribe their followers to vote for them, so the choice is yours.

                                                                   LEFT HAND:


Left Hand:
  • Pinkie - December in my family's household gets a little bit hectic and crazy. We get into a happy daze and the time flies quickly, the swirls represent that.
  • Ring Finger - This is a Chinese symbol with a couple of meanings. It means joy, cheer, and festive.
  • Middle Finger - This is a candy cane. My mother, brother and I used to hang them on the Christmas tree when I was little, then on Christmas day we would eat them while opening our gifts.
  • Index Finger - Yin Yang is for the peacefulness of Christmas night. After all of the presents are opened and the dinner is done, we just relax.
  • Thumb - My father's side of the family is fairly religious, so the star shining represents the star of David that shone when Jesus was born.
 Right Hand: 
  • Pinkie - When I was very young, my father would dress up as Santa Claus on Christmas Morning, and hand out the presents, so I painted a Santa hat.
  • Ring Finger - I painted music notes because I have always loved Christmas songs. I used to listen to them year round because they are cheerful and always put me in a good mood.
  • Middle Finger - Gifts are pretty much self explanatory. I would always unwrap them very carefully because I didn't want to rip the pretty wrapping paper.
  • Index Finger - On Christmas Eve we usually go to my father's church wearing red and green and Santa hats, and my father wears a Christmas tie.
  • Thumb - My mother loves snowmen and has lots of decorations for the winter depicting "snow families".