Wednesday, November 24, 2010

China Glaze - Mrs. Claus

This post is about a beautiful Christmas polish that is accompanied by a rant about Sally Beauty Supply. First I'll talk about the polish because it's more important.

Mrs. Claus is pink with a hint of red jelly, with pink and silver glitter. I'm not sure about the exact description, but that is just what I see. It dries quickly and is opaque with 2 or 3 coats. It is a little gritty once on the nail so I used 2 coats of top coat. I couldn't really capture the colour (my camera sucks) so if you'd like to, pleasee check out Polish Hoarder Disorder's post on it, it has a description as well HERE.

It is definitely not that red in real life.

Slightly more accurate colour here, but the flash and light behind me make it look sheer.
(Nail sticker is from eBay)

Blurry pic to show the colour and the glitter.

So now about Sally's. About two months ago I was in the store and asked the manager if she could call me when they received the China Glaze Christmas polishes, and she wrote down my name, number and info on a sticky note and taped it up. On Saturday I was nearby so I thought that I'd check in and see if they had any new products, and there was the display with only one box set left. The manager then proceeded to tell me that she had thrown out the sticky note because it didn't really matter that I wanted a specific polish, and that I could go to the other Sally's which is an hour and a half away. I really only wanted Party Hearty because it was unique and Christmas-y, but I was upset so I overcompensated and got the box set, and 3 holiday Orly's. I later decided to check eBay for Party Hearty, where most were at least 20 dollars, but luckily I found someone selling a bottle for 2 dollars and 3 dollars shipping! 

Sorry for that long rant, I was just really annoyed at the time and I needed to get that off my chest. 


  1. :) I have this polish and it's just been rotting in my helmer.

    That sucks about Sally's. If she wasn't going to call you- she should have said that in the first place!

  2. @Rachel Marie - you should try it, and thanks :)

  3. Every time I see this color I pass it up, but you make it look awesome! :)

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  5. @Jackie S. - thanks so much, it really means a lot to me :)

  6. I'm a new follower!

    I have this polish and have yet to swatch it. It's very pretty on you.

    Stop by and say Hi if you like :)

  7. @rmcandlelight - thanks for following, and i'm glad you like it. you have a lovely blog as well :)