Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Holographic Franken!

Last night I made a beautiful silver holographic franken using just Clear polish and Wet N' Wild Fantasy Makers Confettti in the colour "Glitz". Here it is!

That is 3 coats of the franken with base and top coat.

I realized afterwards that my nails match my sparkly shoes!

So now I need your help. What should I name this beautiful colour? Do you have any frankens that you're extremely proud of?


  1. hello dearie! Tis I! The one and only sparkleyrainbow! (minus yourself, of course!) I do indeed love this color. You need to paint my nails soon! This weekend, perhaps? Anywho, I love this and the yellow highlighter one. You should name this colour after me! Name it: sparkleyrainbows!~